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2 Bdrms Home STCZH 25 SOLD by O

Lake Atitlan, Santa Cruz La Laguna, 2 bedrooms SOLD

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala,Premium real estate.

Turn Key Home,Two bedroom, one bath lakefront home. Located in the private bay of Paxanax, only 15 minutes boat drive from Panajachel. An area very private and look after by artist and retirees who wants to enjoy a calm, in nature life style. 

House square meters: / 97.6 m2 or 1059.00 square feet , Lot Size: / 15 X 80 Meters, R.O.P


Furniture and lightings  :...... ALL

Kitchen items :...ALL / dishes, glassware, utensils and cookware

Linens and Bedding: ALL / except personal bedding and linens

Art and collectables: All / except for a small amount of personal items

Safe:............unit with key and digital combination entry

Security grills : Removable decorative custom made security grills for all windows and doors

Storage:........ Outdoor/ Large empty bodega with locked door
small partially open bodega for wood storage
2 locked storage units under the stairway
2 locked storage units across from the laundry room
Indoor / Loft area in Master bedroom with good size locked room for storage

Electricity:...... 220 volts & 110 Volts.

Submersible Pump:.............. 220 volts With pressure thank ( at least 30 feet deep.)

Filter:............ Sand filter with backwash and clean cycle.

In house drinking water filter.... 5 stages reverse osmosis system with UV Light 2 gallons capacity. Refills in 3 hours

Holding tank:...... 450 liters - 125 gallons.

Water heater:..... Yes / Electric 220 volts

Washing machine:.. Yes / Electric 110 volts

Internet:......... Yes.

Gas tanks:....... 2 gas tanks with manual shut off.

Fully furnished for immediate occupancy

Property ID # STCZH 25

Offered at $ 239,500 furnished SOLD BY OWNER 04-2016



Price might changed any moment

Photos of this property show only certaines parts of it and rooms of the house at the time when the photographs were taken. Certain parts of the house may have changed  and it can't be assumed that the photographs are the actual representation of the house. Descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to correction and Atitlan Solutions shall have no liability for such errors. No assumptions should be made in respect of parts of the property or the house which are not showed.

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