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4 hectares, titled, SOLD SANTIAL 05

Lake Atitlan Titled property for sale waterfront SANTIAL 05 SOLD

Guatemala premium real estate for sale Lake Atitlan


Lake Atitlan, Titled property located in a peninsula 

Unique property with great potential

Composed of 2 lots, the first one with road access that can be used for the base to depart to the 2d lot which is only boat access.

The first lot is around 1 hectare - 10,650 m2 - 114,635 sqft - 2.63 Acres

The second lot which is ideal for a big private house with guest cottage around, or for an eco hotel is

is 4.5 hect -  45,567 m2 - 490,479 sqft - 11,25 acres

The  lot as long waterfront on the side of the laguna and on the open water of the lake.

more than 100 mts shore line.

It has also more than 1,636 ml of paved path.

Property ID # SANTIAL 05

Offered at SOLD


Photos of this property show only certains parts of it at the time when the photographs were taken. Certain parts of the land may have changed  and it can't be assumed that the photographs are the actual representation of it. Descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to correction and Atitlan Solutions shall have no liability for such errors. No assumptions should be made in respect of parts of the property which are not showed.

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