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Guatemala Currency

Guatemala Currency is well explained in this Wikipedia page.

Guatemalan loves the bills and you will have to use them daily unless you leave in a big city like Guatemala Ciudad, Antigua Guatemala, Quetzaltenango,...where it is easy to pay with credit cards.

Now if you go to markets, take public transportation be ready to carry change. As it is much easier to get better prices when the sellers don't have to give back change.

When you go to withdraw money either from your personal bank account or changing foreign currency always ask for "cambio"  which means change.

Always check that the bills you receive are in perfect conditions as in the market often the sellers don't take bills cut or with part missing..

The highest bill demonination is of Q 200.00 but you will be almost never get one unless you ask at the bank.

A good thing is also to keep some cash at your house particularly in case of emergency like a Earth Quake, volcanic Eruption.. that will require for you to leave your house quickly.

Always check the exchange rate of the day at this site or at your local bank.