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Importing Everything to Guatemala

When you’re thinking about moving your household items and vehicles to Guatemala, you want to be prepared for everything that comes with the import. It is beneficial to speak with a company that can help you, but keep in mind that there are costs associated with this move. Many find that these costs are well worth it to wake up to the mild, beautiful weather, the comfortable homes with sun shining through, as well as the many outdoors things to do while you’re living in the area.

Why Make the Move?

Lake Atitlan Volcanos and Piers

Many people choose to make the move for various reasons. When you want to have a change, dive into another culture or get more from what is provided from each of them then this might be the ideal place to move too. There plenty of historic places that you can also visit, such as the Mayan ruins, or museums that provide a more in depth consider where the ancient civilizations started. The parks and beaches are visited often when coming here to vacation, but these places can become your backyard when you decide to purchase a home or rent and make the move.

Whether you’re moving for more out of life, for a tranquil place to spend your time or perhaps a change of scenery then this could be the best place for you to move. Get more from where you live when you choose to move to Guatemala. There are many options in Guatemala to find rental homes that are affordable and available year-round. Be sure to check with an experienced Guatemala realtor to locate the best living options in the areas you may be interested in.

Moving Your Household Items and Vehicle

 When you use a reliable shipping company for your household goods, as well as the vehicle that you want to bring; you can feel much more confident about being able to send your items to the new home in Guatemala from the U.S. with a reputable company.

When shipping goods, as well as a vehicle to another country, it is important to have these documents:

  • • Passport
  • • Declaration of Goods
  • • Title, Insurance and Registration Information
  • • Additional Documentation for Vehicles Value


There are two different choices you can go with when shipping items. You can choose between container shipments, or roll-on, roll-off (RORO) shipping. Container shipping provides you with coverage with the items, but can cost more than the other option. You can go with either one when choosing how to ship your items to Guatemala.

Overall, the costs of shipping your items from the U.S. to Guatemala costs anywhere from $3,000 to $4,200 (source). This includes the custom fees, but not the taxes. These taxes range from 49 to 69% of the overall value of vehicle or items. This also does not cover the airfare you will need to make the trip yourself to the country.

 Moving to this beautiful area is what so many want to do. With bright skies, beautiful open fields, plenty of parks, museums and so many other areas to visit, Guatemala is a highly sought after area for those looking for a change, someone that wants to retire and those that just want to be in a new area that offers a bit more. Guatemala can be the culture rich, beautiful country that can provide this to those looking to make the move.

Text provided by Tom Masters