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Rights of possession

What to check when buying with rights of possession

The Rights of Possession , R.O.P., are the most common form of demonstrating ownership of a property in Guatemala.

Guatemala as a country doesn't have a national cadastre therefore not all the land have a proper title, clear deed as you can find in a more developed country.

If you buy outside a big urban area (Guatemala city, Antigua Guatemala, Quetzaltenango...) you will buy a property most probably with a clear title or titled property. But if you buy in the country side you will be confronted to an unusual way of ownership named RIghts of Possession (R.O.P.).

The R.O.P. are contemplated in the civil code and are legal instrument to prove ownership.  Rights of possession are demonstrated by the physical possession of the property and it can be registered in a document made in front of a notary or sometimes by the Mayor of the locality.

In order to help you to understand what to check when presented with a document registering R.O.P.

we have put together the following presentation. Check it out at Rights of Possession Presentation.


Rights Of Possession