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For a pro-active retirement

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The next destination for retirement...

Guatemala, having a stable political system have been slowly moving forward improving their infrastructure and if you add the natural characteristics of Lake Atitlan you might find out, it is a place worth checking out... Guatemala is a top destination for 2011 according CNN travel.

Located south of Mexico with the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast but still only a 2 hour flight from Miami, 6 hours from New York and 5 hours from Los Angeles. Guatemala the "Country of the Eternal Spring" boosts several places for retirement:

Antigua, Guatemala. The most attractive city of choice for people who like colonial architecture, proximity of Guatemala International Airport La Aurora (48 kms, 40 minutes drive). In Antigua you will find gorgeous colonial houses at prices still affordable. Excellent in house services, large selection of international restaurants, an ongoing year round cultural calendar, as well as a large size expatriate colony and international influences.

Rio Dulce, is the place for sea lovers and jungle afficionados... Located East of Guatemala city, Rio Dulce is a river flowing from Baja Verapaz to Livingston the Carribean port of Guatemala. Lake Izabal located in the middle of the Rio Dulce, is a favorite place to anchor a sailboat. Easy access to the Carribean and well protected from hurricanes.

Lake Atitlan, is located in the heart of the Maya Highlands. Great access from Guatemala city by a brand new divided highway. It offers great views and a great lifestyle. You will be immersed into a thousand year old culture. Great affordable real estate.

Great quality of life.

In Guatemala, your cost of living will be a fraction of the cost of what it would be in the United States or Europe. For this reason, more people are moving here. You can afford a decent retirement with a gardener, maid and cook at a very low monthly cost. A good network of tourist shuttles will take you all around as the distances are short and if you want more privacy, a car with a private driver is very affordable. Utilities are low because in the "Country of the Eternal Spring", you don't need heating or air conditioning (unless you live at sea level) which are a big portion of your normal bill.

Food is abundant, fresh, year round and also very inexpensive.

Taxes are also very low. You pay 12% added value tax on products you buy in groceries store but it is included in the price so you don't see it. Property taxes are low comparing to more modern countries. You can find gorgeous lake front properties with yearly taxes under a thousand dollar.

And if you are having concerns with your health, Guatemala City, has first world rate hospitals with doctors trained in the U.S., at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay in your own country. Dental care is also excellent and affordable.

Plus, in Guatemala City you can find big hardware stores as well as grocery stores with imported goods, wine....

Check it out, it is worth the look and we at Atitlan Solutions will help you to make the move and look after your interests to make a sound and safe investment.

And we are always at your disposal for more information...

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