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House Lake view close town SANPDH 04 $ 180,000

San Pedro La Laguna House for sale SANPDH 04 offered at $ 180,000

San Pedro La Laguna, House for sale close to town with Lake view


If you would like to move to San Pedro La Laguna and not to worries about building a house or finding the right place.. This property will offer you this and more.

Located less than a kilometer from San Pedro La Laguna, still close but not in the city.. On the road that allows you to come with your car , golf cart , motobike or bycicle.

Not lake front but great lake views toward sunset. You have access to the lake shore through public path so if you like to swim or want to do kayak it is easy.

House is build high enough above ground to consider un probable future lake rises...

It has municipal water storage in 2 bigs cistern.

Electricity, cable, internet.

Rights of possession.. if you want to know more on this form of ownership refer to my blog post on this mater

Property ID # SANPDH 04

Offered at $ 180,000

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SANPDH 04 garage view

SANPDH 04 entrance level

SANPDH 04 corredor 1st level

SANPDH 04 top terrace

CONTACT Armand Atitlan Real Estate Expert

Price may change any moment

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